As a Professional

Whether you are growing your business, wealth, or career, learning to focus your energy on the present moment is the swiftest and most efficient path to achieving your goals.


As a Student

In today’s culture, success demands a solid education and emphasis is placed on academic performance. As such, grades are important. To use the metaphor of an archer, a grade is the point at which the arrow strikes the target.


As an Athlete

When asked how he felt about the fact that if he won a particular tournament he would become the number one golfer in the world, a tour player replied that being best in the world was the result of being in the moment during each shot he made throughout the tournament. The player maintained his focus in each moment, which served him well. He reached his goal. For each athlete to function at his or her highest level, they must learn to let go of everything except the present.


As an Artist

Any artistic pursuit – whether it be music, dance, theater, or painting – is infinite by its very nature. We are constantly striving to be better than we are, but the full realization of any artform is always bigger than our present skill level. Accepting this can bring about a sense of drudgery – a feeling that we are on an eternal treadmill, trying to reach a mythical point of perfection that can never be attained.

The Practicing Mind

Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life

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“I use the techniques I have learned from The Practicing Mind every day. The approach is relevant for both business executives and their junior golf children on and off the course. I recommend it to all my students because its lessons will help them in both golf and life.”

Eric MacCluen

PGA Professional and Director of Golf Instruction, Applecross Country Club

“Thomas Sterner gives us useful, thoughtful, much-needed book on the often-overlooked science and art of practice. It blends careful research with plenty of enlightening and entertaining personal stories. Anyone hoping to excel at anything should read this. Keep on practicing!”

Roy F. Baumeister

Author of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength

“In a society of immediate gratification, Thomas M. Sterner’s book The Practicing Mind almost parodies itself. Designed to be a primer for slowing down, becoming more aware of the present moment, and increasing self-discipline and focus, Sterner’s brilliance shines through in the brevity of this complex book’s pages. . . . This tiny but intense book delivers enough information to contemplate and apply for a lifetime.”

Roundtable Reviews

“In The Practicing Mind, Tom Sterner achieves a rare combination: he provides not just a clear set of practical steps for creating focused effort but also a theoretical background that can help us to reframe our expectations and values so that we can keep in perspective the difference between process and product, progress and goals. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Scott A. Davison

Professor of Philosophy at Morehead State University and author of On the Intrinsic Value of Everything

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