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The Practicing Mind…some examples of how this insightful book helps the reader

For the Business Person…

business1Whether you are growing your own business, your wealth or your individual career by being another cog in your company’s machine, learning to focus your energy in the here and now is the swiftest and most efficient path to achieving your goals. In a recent study, workers were pinged on their cell phones during their day at which point they were to write down if their mind was totally on what they were doing at that moment and how they were experiencing their day. What the studies revealed was that only a small percentage of the participants were actually in the present moment and those people were much more productive, happier and less stressed at work than their counterparts. The Practicing Mind will help you recognize when you are wasting your energy and losing your focus and that awareness empowers you to make more productive choices. It will help achieve a mental state that is a much nicer place to spend your day.

For the Student…

StudentsSuccess in our culture today demands a solid academic education. Even more so is the emphasis on our performance level during the process of being educated. That would of course be grades. To use a metaphor of an archer, the grade is the point at which the arrow strikes the target. Is that point the bulls eye representing mastery or is that point on the outer ring (or even missing the target all together). But the skilled archer knows that the flight of the arrow is determined by the “mindful process” of drawing the bow patiently with the proper intention. When all is done correctly the bull’s eye just gets in the way of the arrow’s flight. When the student learns to focus on the process of learning and uses the “degree” or even the individual “A” as a rudder to guide their efforts, they discover the fulfillment that comes from being educated and hence their school years become less of something that must be endured and more of the daily experience moving toward their goals. The Practicing Mind helps everyone from the middle school student to the college graduate student to enjoy the journey of achieving their education.

For the Athlete…

athlete1Asked recently how he felt about the fact that if he won a particular tournament he would become the number one golfer in the world the tour player replied that being number one in the world was the result of being in the present moment of each shot he made during the tournament and so that was where his focus was. It served him well and he reached his goal. For each athlete to function at his or her highest level they must learn to let go of all but the present. That missed goal, that dropped ball, that poor pass are gone and without focus on the present, the past and even the future can sabotage the talents of even the most gifted athlete. The Practicing Mind is rich in the psychology used in sports today and will without a doubt help the athlete to manage themselves both on their best days and when they feel out of sync.

For the Artist…

artist1Any artistic pursuit whether it be music, dance, theater, or painting is infinite by it’s very nature. We are never as good as we can be. The art form is always bigger than our present ability or level of skill. The awareness of this ultimate truth can bring us a sense of drudgery as if we are on an endless treadmill of effort trying to reach a mythical point of perfection that in reality doesn’t exist. But it can also serve as an awakening, a freeing realization that we will never reach the end of our artistic “becoming”. As we travel down our individual pathway we build a relationship with the spirit of our art form and it constantly reveals new secrets to us as our ability to understand it expands. The Practicing Mind was written by a lifelong musician and it’s pages will help you discover that what many define as discipline comes naturally in our art when we stop struggling against the flow of our journey and embrace the joy that hides in the process of growth.

For You…

for-youLife is about self growth and The Practicing Mind is about recognizing that truth and learning how to discover and embrace the joy ever present in the “process” of living your life every day. Whether it’s in noticing your child’s smile or being on ahead of your mind in an job interview there is something here for you.

The Practicing Mind

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The Practicing Mind

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