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The Practicing Mind AppThe Practicing Mind” has received accolades worldwide from a wide range of readers and it has earned author Thomas M. Sterner invitations to speak on the concepts put forth in the book from almost every conceivable audience. He has brought exciting new insight and understanding into both peak performance and stress-free skill development to audiences ripe for a new model.

Now you can put the only available complete unabridged second edition audio version of his top-selling book “The Practicing Mind” published by New World Library in 2012 right on your iOS device. Listen to it whenever wherever and be inspired to expand your possibilities.

Also included in the app is a simple mindfulness utility that will nudge you randomly during your day to ask you “are you in the present moment?” Awareness of the content of the thoughts your mind is producing as well as whether or not you are fully “present” in your activity is fundamental to freeing yourself from habitual behaviors that are holding you back in your efforts and creating a sense of struggle as you work towards your goals.

Right from your device stay connected to Tom Sterner, founder, and CEO of The Practicing Mind Institute and learn about all the exciting new products for personal growth and productivity that will be released over the next 12 months.

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